I <3 Veronica Mars

If you have never watched Veronica Mars… then you need to start! I’d heard of the show a few years ago, but it never really interested me because I thought it was just about a subversive girl with a catchy name, trudging through her high school years. Well, it kind of is like that.. but what I didn’t know, is that she is a detective! Stay with me here…

For any librarian who loves conducting research, helping others find what they’re seeking, and who really enjoys the problem-solving aspects of the profession, Veronica Mars will inspire and re-introduce how challenging and rewarding doing research can be. Librarians aren’t detectives, I know, but a lot of what research and reference librarians do is, in a way, detective work: Someone approaches you with a problem (e.g. reference question), you use the necessary reasoning to determine how to help them. You draw upon resources available to you, think of creative ways to find answers, and determine ways around obstacles to obtain valuable information. Veronica Mars uses databases, newspapers on microform, indexes, public search engines, personal contacts, libraries, police reports (classified information, but she has friends in important places), etc. She is a natural (and impeccable) librarian. Granted, Veronica Mars often uses unethical means to acquire information (trespassing, lying, disguising herself to mislead others, to name a few), her research tactics are brilliant, inventive, and almost always successful!

Plus, I love that she goes to the library. Give this show a chance. There are three seasons on DVD. You will be hooked.


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