So far, 2010 has been a great year. The weather in Toronto has been fantastic, I had a terrific time attending the Super Conference, my first paper was published, and to top all of that, I was offered a dream job. Four weeks ago I started as the Collections Librarian with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, Ontario. CIGI is an independent research centre/think-tank that focuses on issues related to international governance and foreign relations, and has partnerships with academic institutions, policy-makers and businesses all over the world. Their library houses a specialized collection of books (formerly the print collection from the Canadian Institute of International Affairs), a strong digital collection of electronic resources and publications, and also the Canadian Foreign Relations Index (CFRI). In my role as a collections librarian, I work with the Manager of Content Services (“Head Librarian”) to manage the print resources, perform acquisitions and cataloguing, conduct outreach and promote CIGI’s unique and specialized collections, and assist with research requests. This position is truly a dream job, because it combines my longstanding interests in special libraries, advocacy and access to rare special collections and research resources, establishing or improving access points (cataloguing/indexing), and assisting with research. Overall I’m extremely pleased and feel very lucky to experience this challenging and satisfying position. While it is only a 14 month contract, it’s the perfect kind of commitment for right now.

Just wanted to post an update on what’s new! More to come in 2010!


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