“Home” for the Holidays

Ho ho ho, it’s Christmas Eve day!

I’m Presently in Fredericton, New Brunswick, spending time with my Mother over the Holidays. She moved here in January 2009 from my childhood home in Oshawa (A.K.A., The ‘Shwa’).

It was a bit of a pleasant shock to land at the airport and suddenly be immersed into a Winter Wonderland. There has been little to no snow in Toronto, contributing to my Scrooge-like attitude, but upon entering this snowy paradise, I am pumped for Yuletide traditions!

Spending the holidays in New Brunswick for the first time also makes me feel reflective and observant about my new “home-base” in the Maritimes. So on that note, Here Are A Few of My Favourite Things… about Fredericton:

  • City-wide Wireless Internet:
    Aptly called the “Fred-eZone“, the Municipality of Fredericton provides free Wi-Fi to its residents and visitors! What a marvelous Gift!
  • Fredericton reminds me of a smaller Ottawa:
    Being the capital city of the Province, Fredericton is dabbled with Provincial headquarters, historic buildings, and a certain feel that I find is similar to Ottawa… lots of lights downtown, and a lot of funding for parks, infrastructure, etc. It’s just a really nice place to be!
  • University of New Brunswick (UNB) & St. Thomas University:
    Atop the hill of Fredericton are the campuses  of UNB and St. Thomas University. I definitely have a thing for small primarily-undergraduate universities, so I have an appreciation and love for visiting campuses of these types of institutions. The buildings and campuses tend to be quaint, old, and historic, and they remind me of my own academic experiences at Acadia. They also have gorgeous academic libraries and research centres!
  • Friendliness:
    It’s not just a stereotype about the Maritimes… it is actually true! I studied at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia for four years, and my combined experiences of being in the Atlantic Provinces (including Newfoundland) has demonstrated to me that people here are genuinely, proportionately nicer and more considerate than city-dwellers of Ontario. No offense intended, but it’s been my objective observation for years, and I’m continuously reminded of this each time I visit the Maritimes. It’s nice to say “Hi” to a stranger in the grocery store, or converse with a friendly passer-by on the street. It is refreshing and puts a smile on your face!

I leave you now with the trailer for my favourite Christmas movie of all time: A Christmas Story (1983). Happy Holidays!!!


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