Library outreach and my modeling career

When a new school year begins at academic institutions, it’s becoming increasingly vital for libraries to advertise and promote their services to the community they serve.  So many undergraduate students don’t know the library, or how the collections and services there can help them in their studies. By now, most libraries participate in virtual reference (e.g. Meebo, AskON online research help, etc.), and email reference services, catering to the needs/wishes of library users who want information quickly. Visiting the library for print materials is becoming soooo passé.  Library users want materials that are available electronically, and from their own laptops, wherever they may be.  Sometimes this neediness (and often laziness) can be frustrating as a reference librarian, since library users often demand that everything be available to them in PDF format, but it remains important to be on the Friendly people to help you :)cutting edge of electronic collections and services in academic libraries. Though also, it’s easy to understand how bourgeoning digital collections and the advent of scanning retrospective journals/Open Access can instill a sense of “why isn’t it available online??” … .  …. Sorry, I’m getting off-topic.

This September at the University of Toronto Libraries, where I currently work part-time hours at the Robarts Reference & Research Department, there are new brochures and bookmarks available to incoming students. These promote the various ways to get in touch with a librarian for help with research inquiries. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are “Friendly People to Help You”… 😉 and there’s a photo of me!

Hehe, the incentive to create this post was inspired almost entirely by me wanting to put this bookmark online to show people.. I’m practically a Library Celebrity!…Right??? If anyone needs a library model for any kind of promotional materials… please get in touch with me. My modeling career for libraries is taking off!


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