Rookie blogger

Howdy visitors! This homepage and blog is dedicated to my newfound free-time. I have very recently completed my Master of Information Studies degree from U of T, and have the ability (i.e. the time) to do things like read for pleasure, cook, create and contribute to a blog, etc. So this is one of the outlets that I’m using to fill my time, network, get experience with web 2.0 tools, be creative and all that fun stuff.

It feels like such a heavy weight has been lifted being done a term of school… but it still hasn’t really sunk in that I won’t be returning to a classroom in September. On Sunday night I was writing the last assignment for my final Masters course. When I was finished proofreading, I emailed the document to my prof., took a deep breath, and started to cry! I was overwhelmed with joy, pride, fear, and strangely, I knew that I was really going to miss all of those stressful and crazy times inherent with student life.

So. I’ve whiped my tears away, and am looking forward to new challenges and opportunities! Now that I’m done school, I’m still working very part-time with Robarts Reference, and cataloguing with Data, Map, & Government information services, while actively looking for full-time employment. Wish me luck!


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